Broody hens?


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May 8, 2012
I have two hens that I think are broody. They have been sitting in the nesting box all day. The one was sitting on 4 eggs (all of them not hers.) They other one was sitting on just one. Assuming that it was her's. I take the eggs every day. And normaly if someone is in there I wait it out until they finish. These two have been in the boxes all day. The one that I check under tried to peck me and made a sound that was like a growly sound. She would not get out of the box either. I stuck the egg back in the box with her and she rolled the egg back under her and just sat there. I don't have a rooster but my neighbors have 3. It is possible that they can hear them and kicked them in to broodie-ness?
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No, roosters don't trigger broodiness in a hen. It comes naturally, some hens are just more likely to be broody than most. I used to have a Buff Orpington that would get broody every time Spring and summer came, I was able to break her broodiness , but in a few more weeks she would become broody again. :p

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