"Broody" is a contagious disease and can kill you.


11 Years
Apr 28, 2008
SW of Greenwood, INDIANA
I now have FOUR hens that followed suit seeing the other(s) being broody. They're going to be the death of me yet.
If I haven't learned anything else in the last week and a half, I have learned that from now on when ONE hen goes broody, I should remove her FAR from all other hens to a place where they cannot see her.
Well you can try that but it did not work here,i had over 30 broodies at once this year and they were in different areas,some in the nest area,some in the horse barn,more in my flower pots in the green house,some on my porch and some i am sure i did not find cause i wasn't looking for them

I don't even like dealing with broodies
Oh man, i wish it was contagious around here.
I have so many eggs i wanna shove under a hen or two since my bator is busted
Waiting... waiting... waiting...
With our Thai game birds, we don't even talk about eggs if the birds are within hearing distance for fear they'll go broody. In fact, I have long since been calling them living incubators

Great for hatching eggs, but a pain in the butt as far as collecting eggs for eating is concerned. The only way I've managed to get around it, is by having several extra hens
Even at this very moment, their are two broodies sharing a nest, and that when I only have five layers. the others are too young still, and the remainder of my flock are fine young men waiting for their turn in the pot. Poor guys - one's getting slaughtered in about an hour's time, but at least he has lived like a king these last four and a half months.

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