Broody is dumb.


11 Years
May 22, 2008
Upstate NY
I have had 2 broody hens for a few months now. I try to let nature take it's course here and not interfere if I can help it. My other hens nudged their way in and laid eggs at different times. One of my Black sumatra and one of my buff orps faught over this nest box for awhile. Until the first hatched chicks were a few days old. Then the sumatra stood in front of the box calling the chicks. The nest is in the 2nd row up from the ground. Every day or so she'd call another chick out (or the orp pushed them out) and she mothered them. This is still going on. I free range the flock all day and keep these two in the coop so there's only one egg left under her now and a 3 day old chick who seems to be staying with her for the moment. But they seem to have a system. One hatches and one raises the chicks.
(The other hens lay in the barn aisle

These creatures never get boring.
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