Broody like behavior???

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11 Years
Jan 3, 2009
Way Over Yonder, GA
I haven't had a hen go broody yet, but I was curious about their behavior. I know they get cranky and sit on eggs, but do they get all puffy when you get near them when they are in the yard? My 1 yr old Wyandotte kinda squeals and gets all puffy if you get close to her while she's in the yard pecking around. She hasn't been camped out on the nest either...She's never acted like that before.
Any suggestions? It's really weird....
Yeah, minewould get puffed up and start yelling at me. Like "I'm all hormonal, so leave me alone or I will peck your eyes out" Don't dare put your hand in when she starts sitting talk about biting the hand that feeds you.....Wow, wear gloves or she might take off a finger, better yet when you lean in make sure you wear glasses or an eye might be plucked!
\\ Mine knows where the glove ends and pecks just above it (stinker!!) So I got longer gloves. They build up their poo too, so if you see a large poop in the yard you know she was off her nest to get a drink and a quick bite!
Hope that helps some!
No, she's not broody, but she might be working her way towards it. It's a hormonal thing; maybe her hormones haen't finished cranking up yet.

Or maybe she is just a cranky chicken.

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