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Jun 1, 2017
Central NY
We're new to backyard chickens--my niece bought 8 chicks 7 months ago & then she moved out of state for her job & we inherited the flock. There were 5 lavender Orpingtons, 1 brown (chocolate?) Orpington and 2 Frizzles and a few of them had started laying. Surprisingly, after a few weeks we realized they were all hens because we started getting 8 eggs a day!
We're learning little by little & figuring it out as we go, but we're stumped with our broody little Frizzle. I figured out what was happening after researching online when she wouldn't leave the brooder & she was sitting on 4 eggs. What I gathered (difficult because there are so many conflicting opinions) was that it was hormonal, & she'd probably snap out of it in 21 days, and that we should just take her out a couple times a day so she'll get something to eat & drink. So far so good. Then she started taking ALL the eggs & was sitting on a dozen of them. We still haven't figured out how she got them all over there. But in any event it's getting problematic. Once when I took her out shortly thereafter found the big brown Orpington sitting on the eggs. I was baffled about that, but a little while little ms. Frizzle was back on the eggs. When she got to almost 20 eggs we took them out. That was a couple of days ago and she's still staying in there quite a bit, but has started coming out. But now it seems like she's getting picked on. When she goes for water or feed, the Orpingtons run over & push her out of the way. It also looks like some of her wing feathers are broken, but we haven't actually seen it happen. Are they bullying her? Do we need to sequester her? The 2nd Frizzle is just one of the flock, no problems. What's going on? What should we do? We're concerned about her. Any suggestions for us?


Mar 27, 2015
Hens go broody when their internal body temp gets too high. Cochins (pekins in the UK) are infamous for going broody. What we do is mark the first 4 or 5 eggs she was sitting and gather the rest each day so she doesn't mound up the eggs as they will surely not hatch.

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