Broody Mama~what a great teacher...

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10 Years
Dec 28, 2009
Bellingham Wa
My EE Mama taught all 4 babies to get on a 2 ft high roost. They are in the outside toddler coop. Pretty cool, I wish the indoor babies had her example . Does anyone else WONDER @ Mother Nature
and how WE can't seem to duplicate it !!!!
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I love watching my broody with her chicks! Mine tried to teach her chicks how to get on the roost, but the one she prefers is too high for them, so she's back to sleeping in the nest with them. I know she'll try again to teach them after they get a little older.
Yeah, It's so funny. The one who I think be a roo... sits on the roost as mama gets the others up and just as the last chick gets up... he fly's off. I can see her grumble under her breath, "that little guys gonna be the death of me"
I have a broody silkie that hatched out 2 babies about a month ago. She is amazing! We have a roost that is about 4 feet off the ground. It does have a ladder. She taught the babies to climb the ladder and they roost under her -- I need to take a picture -- it is too cute. I am very impressed at all she teaches them -- they even free range with her and if any other bird dares to get too close, she clobbers them.
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