Broody Nesting by Woodpile


6 Years
Mar 23, 2014
BC, Canada
One of my ladies has been gone for about 3 weeks. She normally re appears mid day for an hour or so. I was finally able to follow her back to her nest yesterday, she has 15+ eggs. I am wondering if it's possible that any chicks will hatch if she's leaving them for probably close to an hour every day... if there is no chance are there any suggestions for how to get her to rejoin the flock?
Thanks in advance,
As long as it isn't really cold (below freezing) the eggs should still have a good chance of hatching. Can you candle them to check if they are developing? If you destroy the nest, she should give up brooding and go back to the flock.
I could candle them although I will definitely have to do some research into what I am looking for! Maybe I will get my husbands assistance and see if we can get some pictures tonight.
Didn't get around to candling, seemed like a two person job fending off the stinging nettles... BUT when I check on her this morning, 3 baby chicks! Maybe more, now I need advise, is it safe to move her and the babies? I don't want to traumatize anyone but I would like them to survive and her nest has very minimal cover.. Also should I try and keep them separate or put them close to the rest of the flock but in a safe place? I really need some advice

Thanks in advance
One of my neighbor's chickens hatched 2 chicks in my perennial garden...I left them undisturbed for a few days. They would venture out a bit and scratch around. I was worried about predators, we have all kinds out here in the country.At night she would crouch down and sit silently on her chicks. After speaking with my neighbor I now have a coop for her. when the chicks were 2 weeks old I moved them. it was tough to catch the chicks but I am glad I did. I now have a hen and 2, 3 week old chicks! I would move them to a safe place if you can. Good luck with them!

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