Broody on Day 26 - Can She Continue?

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    I have a broody sitting on eggs at Day 26. Clearly the eggs are not going to hatch. She is sitting very determindly, only rarely comes off the nest, but is still in excellent health. (I've recently had 3 hens go broody at the same time. Out of a total of 15 eggs, only 3 hatched but they were all born dead). This is my first time trying to hatch eggs, so please excuse my newbie question. Is is cruel to give her a new batch of eggs now and have her sitting for another 20 days? I have another hen going through a molt but she laid an egg yesterday. I know that this hen's eggs are fertile. It is not possible to give my broody day old chicks. I've tried to source some but there are none available.

    Your advice is greatly appreciated.

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    I would remove the eggs and chase her off the nest. My fear in putting another clutch of eggs under her is that sometime before the 21 day mark she will have had it with no chicks. Make sure that the hen can get to water to splash on her chest feathers. It is imperative for the eggs to have proper humidity for them to successfully hatch. My silkie hens will wet themselves down each morning when they come off the nest to eat. They then go back in and turn the eggs. I have had 100 percent hatch rate with my silkie hens.
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    Thanks Madam Hens for your reply :)

    I know you're probably right. I've also been wondering if she would likely make it all the way to another 21 days. She's now at 28 days and has become even more determined than before! Now, she doesn't even want to come off the nest to get food. She just stands at the opening to the nestbox and eats & drinks from there. I've placed food and water right where she can easily get to them. She's a first time broody Brahma. I'm sorely tempted to let her try with another batch (only have 1 viable egg to give her at present anyway....waiting for my other hen to hurry up and lay another!).

    Just to give a little background to this story. I recently had 3 young Brahma girls go broody all at the same time. No. 1 sat on 8 eggs and three hatched dead, the others were nothing but liquid. No. 2 sat on 3 and nothing hatched. No. 3 sat on/is sitting on 4 eggs with nothing happening. The first two got off their nests a week ago and are back to normal, except they aren't yet laying again. This one, Eleanor, is just sitting and sitting and sitting - she's not moving for anyone!

    My fourth older girl (only 4 Brahma girls and one rooster) has been going through a molt and has just re-started laying again - 1 egg so far.

    Well - guess I'll have to make a decision soon.

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