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Hi everyone, I have a broody on the nest and she's due to hatch on June 1st. My question is: she's on the nest in the coop which is 4 feet off the ground with only a ramp down into the enclosed run. Should I move her nest down under the coop where she will be out of the rain...I can make her an enclosed nest with a cat litter box with cover that I have. Will she accept being moved? Don't want the babies accidently stumbling out of the coop and falling to their sure demise or at least some broken little legs. I can upload a picture of the coop if needed.
My concern with your plan is the safety of the chicks in a run area. Runs generally aren't secure enough to deter predators. Snakes and several other critters love baby chicks for supper.

I do agree that she needs to be moved from her high point for the safety of the chicks.
Um, actually I disagree about the height. Mamas have hatched eggs in old fashioned hay lofts for many years. The only way there will be a problem is if a chick escapes from mama before she is ready to get off the nest and start taking care of them. I think it would be unusual for a chick to be injured coming down from a 4' high nest. Not to say it couldn't happen, though. Once they are down, she will make a new place to sleep with them under her.

Predator proofing the run makes sense, though, of course.
I have the same setup. and I did move my BO and her 7 day old chicks to the are under the platform with a large dog kennel in it.

Worked fine. I put green plastic fencing around he kennel and under the platform so they were separated from the big girls.
At about 10-14 days, she was ready to take the babies out for a walk. she did beautifully and protectively.
did you leave it open so she could come and go? I could do that...I have a large dog kennel that would work well with some hardware cloth around it if I need to do that...hmm....decison, decisions.
So...searched and found that your post is exactly what my dilemma is. Can I ask what you did?? I have a coop that is about 4' off the ground as well (with a ramp that leads up to it). I have a broody hen in the nest with eggs in it right now and am agonizing about whether or not to move her to the ground level portion of the coop and let her hatch there. How did your story play out??
If you move the eggs now she might not continue sitting on them, she might go back up to her original nest (eggs or no eggs). If I was you I would wait until they hatch, keep a close eye on them, then after they are hatched move them into a crate or something. The hen will then follow if the chicks are peeping, I always separate mine from the other chickens in a separate pen inside the coop, with food and water for them. Once they are a few weeks old then I let them free range with the mom under supervision, until I know the mom will protect them and bring them back to the coop safely, they have always done fine...

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