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Hi all, new future chicken owner here.
Im researching the breed of chickens i will get next for spring, i am looking for docile, big hens that are good productive layers of brown eggs and good around kids / family. Originally thinking of a couple Buff Orpingtons and a few Black Australorps since they seem to fit my needs well and love there simplistic good looks.
Now to my question - It seems that the Buffs go broody more so than some, since i dont want a rooster or to hatch and raise chicks is a hen that goes broody just a bother? Are there any advantages to a broody hen if not hatching eggs? If they do go broody how hard is it to reverse that behavior? What effect does going broody have on egg production?
If anyone has any good ideas on breeds that fit my needs i'd love to here about them, or if ya'll have any experience with the 2 im looking at currently. Thanx all, love some feedback. G'day.

Seattle, medium sized coop/run (plenty for 4-5 hens), semi free ranging have you seen Henderson's Chicken Breed Chart? They actually have broodiness listed along with egg production. Hens quit laying eggs when broody, so you will have an interruption of usually at least a month even if you try to break them asap. Some are a lot harder to break than others, they can be amazingly persistent depending on the breed. Breeds that don't go broody tend to be light breeds like leghorns, and commercial breeds or crosses bred for egg laying (broodiness has been bred out of them). Red Sex Links are really popular crosses, they are great egg layers and they will only very occasionally go broody.
Thanx for the link Kelsie, intersting stuff. Looks like i will have to take Broodiness in to acount more than i was thinking, i dont want my little egg machines going inactive too often!
I wish the Buffs wouldnt tent toward broodiness! They look so fat and sweet.

These look like good options based on your suggestion...
Red Star
Golden Comet
Golden Sex Link
Red Sex Link

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