broody or sick?


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Aug 17, 2014
This is my first time dealing with something like this... I just got my chickens in August and now they've been laying for quite a while. My buff Orpington has been acting really strange lately, the other day she wouldn't eat anything and normally she's so eager for food and she often very active, but yesterday all she did was stare at my Rhode Island Red eating and she also started screeching a lot. Now, today she won't come out of her nesting box, normally she rushes right out as soon as she sees someone approach the door. She puffs up and makes noises when I try to give her food or water. Is she sick or broody? If she's broody what can I do to make her eat and snap out of it. I've heard of putting her in a bucket of ice water, but will it cause her to get a cold...? Cuz Buffs have thick coats and all, and I cant really dry her.... any tips? If she's sick... what can I do?
She's broody. Do a search for breaking a broody. Basically, you need a wire cage you can elevate. Put her in it with food and water but NO nesting material. Takes 3-5 days on average.
I see... thank you!
Should the wired cage be fairly large or just big enough for her to breath? (like around the size of her but a little bigger than her to at least stand up) or should it b big enough for her to run around in? Wht should i do if she refuses to eat and drink water?

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