Broody pullet is getting kicked out of nest, what do I do??


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Sep 25, 2008
Douglas, MA
Hi, I have a blue cochin that decided to go broody on me. I am very excited about it!
The problem is that the bigger hens keep kicking her out of her nest to lay their eggs.
She gets highly upset about this. I have marked the eggs so I know which ones she has been sitting on. What else can I do?? I don't want the other hens to screw this up either. All of us here are really looking forward to this, hubby included!! I said "aha, now I have 2 incubators, just like I wanted!!"


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Jan 12, 2007
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Give her a place of her own to set the eggs without being bothered by the others. And if they still wants to bug her, give her a fenced off portion of her space, it does not need to be big but enough for her nesting box, and three to four feet more for outdoor space, the bigger or better.

What i would use is a small doghouse on silts or propped on bricks to keep from water and so forth from coming into the doghouse and enclose the doghouse with fence panels which they are four feet tall by six feet wide, attach the corners and cover the top with bird netting.

Hope this helps.

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