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14 Years
Oct 1, 2008
Northern Colorado
I have a SLW pullet that went broody a little over a week ago. I gave her some eggs and she set tight for a while. She is in a larger pen by herself and I decided to put a couple of eight week old chicks in with her. Well it seems she has now taken them over and has left the nest, which is ok by me as she seems to have broken up. Here is my question. If I leave these youngsters in in with her will it delay her returning to laying. I am not sure if the taking care of babies effects how long they stop laying or if I took these away would she start laying sooner?

I want her laying as soon as I can as I want to incubate her eggs. She and nice cockeral represent my start in some nice SLW
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That is what I would do. I have done this with my jap broody, when she does start to lay I will not pick up any of her eggs, often by twelve about twenty days for that, she is ready to sit for me again.

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