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  1. I have what I think is a Broody Hen.
    She sleeps in the nest box. She always seems to be in there and she growls at me when I peek.
    My DH is home from work today and because it is so nice out he let the girls in the garden to peck and scratch..... They all went out!
    Do I just cross my fingers and hope? Do I fence her in the nest box with food and water?

    The breed is supposed to be Red Sex links, but......... of the 6 girls I have, they all have slight differences. I have two that are a bit bigger and a deeper red. I have one that is smaller and lighter, etc.... so my broody might be more RIR than whatever else is in the mix.

    I will post her picture a little later..... (She is likely to give me a good stink eye to go with that growl) [​IMG]

  2. Wyandotte96

    Wyandotte96 Chirping

    Jan 22, 2012
    I think she is broody, because when my silver laced wyandotte hen was broody everytime I would go to the nest box she would start clucking then she would come after me. Also usually when a hen is broody she will only leave the nest if she has to.

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