Broody question


10 Years
Apr 3, 2009
Hodges, S.C.
I really want to hatch out some eggs since i have a new EE Rooster but none of my hens seem to want to go broody and im not sure how to do the incubator deal. is there anyway to get a hen to go broody or will i have to buy a incubator?
You can't force them to go broody and don't confine your hen to a small cage so that she has no choice but to sit on them. A girl I know done that and her hen nearly died. I don't know much about incubators either but luckily my Cochin went broody and became a mama today, and I have a silkie that went broody this week. If you know someone that has a broody and don't mind letting her hatch eggs I'd ask them first before buying an incubator.

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