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Broody Rooster and Introducing New Chicks

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by Country Cluck, May 20, 2010.

  1. Country Cluck

    Country Cluck In the Brooder

    Dec 4, 2009
    Battle Ground
    ok, so this is a new one for me. I have a 9 month old rooster who WAS the nicest guy and very sweet, until now. A few weeks ago he began sitting in the nest boxes during the day and sometimes he would spend hours just sitting there. He wasn't bothering the girls any and he would sit in there regardless of the fact there were girls laying or not. I don't believe he was actally sitting on any eggs, but I can't be certian. He would make these noises that sounded like he was snoring while he sat in the box. Now I've read on here about roosters doing this, so I know it can happen.

    Last week I introduced 15-9 week old chicks who are living on the other side of the coop and are penned off from them outside. Ever since the first night I introduced them he has been attacking me. We had our very first knock down drag out fight that very night when he cornered me in the coop and I had to kick him numerous times so I could just get out. Ever since then he has become obssesed with feet it doesn't matter what shoes or boots we (my husband) and I are wearing, but he just goes after our feet constantly. I have done everything suggested on here like hold him, chase him around, take a broom to him when he attacks, nothing stops him.

    I am wondering if his nesting behavior and his agressiveness has to do with him wanting to get to the chicks, I think he may be obsessed with them. He goes over to them and makes the same "treat" noises he makes to the hens. My question is will his behavior stop when I introduce the chicks to the flock in a few months or has he permanently flipped a switch? Has anyone else had this experience before?


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