Broody salmon Faverolle...could use advice and recommendations! :-)


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Nov 25, 2007
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One of my salmon Faverolle's has gone broody!
I am usually the one that collects eggs, but this past week I have been working nights out in the field, so DH has had to take over for a few days. Well, he didn't eggs for a few biggie, except egg production increased a TON and a one my SFs went broody. He went out to get eggs and we went from a typical 9 eggs a day (winter laying for 28 hens) to about 18 or so!
One my SF hens must have been too enticed and sat on a huge pile of eggs.
I spent a while candling every single egg and gave her 9 eggs that had veining and looked to be at the same stage as one another (about day 4-ish). I currently can't bring her in the house as the kennel has an injured hen, but I think she'll be fine where she is at for now. She is in the less popular community nest, so as we get closer to day 21, I will add food and water and wire off the door (with added light of course), so the babies can't get out and other hens can't get in. Once everyone is hatched, I can move her and the babies. I don't want to move her now as she may freak out. We have a brooder coop and pen that I will likely move her too, but that can wait as the community nest box is ~2' x 3', so she has plenty of room for hatching, etc (for the first day or so anyway).

I have heard that Faverolles are usually good mama's (she is our first Faverolle broody and a mere 11 months old) and I am aware that I can't let her raise the chicks with the flock as the breed is too timid (the faverolles are in a mixed flock, but are definitely lower on the totem pole). If my Java hen goes broody again, could they share the brooder coop and pen? Anything in particular that the breed is known for in regards to brooding?

Thanks a bunch!!!
So far out of 28 hens, we've only had 2 go broody. Unfortunately, my Welsummers kept harassing my Java, so she abandoned the nest. For whatever reason, the Welsummers leave the top community nest alone, so I will let the Faverolle stay in there. I never expected her to go broody! She sure is eager though! If I simply walk in the nest, she growls up a storm...forget about collecting eggs!

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