broody vs. egg bound


8 Years
Apr 29, 2011
how will I know the difference?
I have a hen I think broody, but some recent loss have me worried. what's the earliest way to tell the difference?
If she is sitting on the nest (overnight too) all puffed up and clucking to herself, there's a good chance she's broody.
No wierd squating. I am procedding treating her as broody.

The thing that made me worry--last night she failed the egg test, but just now I tried agaon and she passed woth flying colors, that is the whole front half of her body disappeared as she took the egg set in front of her amd tucked it in just so.
Thanks! And yes, so fun to watch. She has 7 eggs, I need to mark them so she doesn't steal any more. I'm so happy, I just hope she is better than my first broody...I had to give up and buy that one some chicks.

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