Broody white cochin hatched two so far overnight!!


6 Years
Mar 10, 2013
I have a 28 week old white cochin who was determined to have chicks!! I gave her some of the best eggs laid over two days. Today is day 21!! Two hatched overnight, I am impatiently waiting for more!! I am not sure which hens these are out of as of now. I have two speckled sussex roosters and a mix of hens of the heavy breeds. I hope more hatch as the day progresses. I am trying to leave her be. I will check her in another hour or so. I have a Dominique hen that also went broody, she is on a ceramic egg right now. If cochie hatches out several, I may sneak a chick or two under her. I don't want her to start sitting this late in the season. I will post some pics when she takes them off the nest!
Ok! Here are her 2 chicks so far!! Looks like one is out of my astralorp or jersey giant, and the rust colored one I think may be out of my partridge rock hen or maybe a buff orpington. Here is a pic of the rooster

and here is the proud mother!!


Here are the next two! They are americauna/speckled sussex cross! This young cochin is such a good mother!! She gets to raise 4 her first time, she is like an old pro!!

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