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9 Years
Jul 25, 2010
I have a 1 year old Black Cochin Bantam, and she went broody this summer, so I let her hatch some babies so she would get over being broody in time for the 4-H fair. I don't have much experience with broody hens, so I was suprised to see that she has just gone broody even though the days are getting shorter and her laying is slowing down. Is this normal? Should I bring her inside and let her hatch babies over the winter?
Cochins are notorious for being a broody breed. Not at all surprising that shes gone broody again, really.

As long as she has a protected place for the chicks to hatch and her to raise, there's no reason to bring her inside - if by "inside" you meant inside your house.

Especially because she's a Cochin, she'll have plenty of feather insulation for those chicks.

I'm hoping my black Cochin will go broody at some time in the future. She's still young, hasn't yet started laying. (If she had, I'd have taken a risk and plunked the three Cochin hatchlings from some eggs I incubated a while ago. So I'm still brooding them myself.)

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