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    I am kinda new at this but I have eleven hens and one roo who are 5 1/2 months old. I am getting about 2-3 eggs per day and they are starting to get bigger. I have already gotten a couple of double yoakers! [​IMG]

    My question is, how do I tell if one of the hens is starting to go broody? I noticed one of the girls just staying in the box. I thought she might be trying to lay so I came back a couple fo hours later and she was still there. She did get out for a few minutes the second time I was out there, but went right back. She fussed with the hay and then sat down. I went into the coup and she did not jump up. Usually they jump up and go to the other side of the coup. She just sat there. I had to pat her to get her up to check for eggs. After I was finished, back she went. I was wondering if this is broody or not. I was not sure since they are still so young.

    Thanks for all of the help you all have provided to this newbie! [​IMG]
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    Sounds like she is broody to me. Generally they "pancake" themselves over the eggs (i.e go as flat as they can over them), they will cluck in an odd noise (almost like they're cussing you out when you try to move them! hehe)...and they poo smells like the foulest smell in. the. world. It's really very bad. More so the longer they've been setting.

    You can move her yourself and see what she does. Most will get witchy and irritable with you and make sure you know it (either by pecking your or chicken swearing you out. ;-) )

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