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    Feb 21, 2009
    Columbia river gorge
    I have 2 little serama hens , I cant remmber exactly how old they are but they have been laying for about 2 months , They all apear to eat and drink and scratch around normally but recently my little frizzzal hen just sits back in a corner of her cage in a little wallow she made and hangs out there , her eyes and nose are clear she isnt limping or listless or shwoing any signs that I can recogonize but she isnt sitting on any eggs and she isnt laying any. The other hen lays one every other day or so but the little frizzle hasnt laid one in awhile and just hangs out in her little spot untill I let them out then she gets out and scratches around with everyone else but as soon as she is in the cage again she goes back to her spot. Anyone have any ideas Please.

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