Brought our first chickens home today, HELP!!!


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May 19, 2012
Hi everyone, hope you can help.

We put the chickens into their coop/run today and left them alone today.

How long do we need to leave them alone?

When can we start handling them?

When can we let them out to run round the garden?

Thanks for your help
Hi Debsbro,

I would let them settle in, about a week, before letting them out or doing much with them. Of course you could probably pet them at any time, but if they escape they won't necessarily come back to the coop (after a week of sleeping in one spot they usually return at dusk no matter what happens).

In this time if you leave them in the coop, you can get to know each other through the wire by hand-feeding treats like chickweed or other tasty greens. You'll find if you get to know them through the wire first, they'll probably be quite relaxed when you enter the coop.

best of luck with this fun time,
First let me say
and you've come to a great place for answers.

How old are your chickens? a few days old? a few weeks old? full grown hens?
If you give us a little more information, you will get responses better suited to your situation.

Chickens are fun and addictive!
How old are they? Are they warm enough? In the beginning they should be at 90-100 degrees. We just got 8 chickens today, too. They were hatched on 5/14. 4 Brown Leghorns and 4 Crescents. I have them in a box with a heat lamp- I put in a thermometer. They are adorable!
Oops looks like this has gone onto the wrong forum subject as they aren't chicks. I didn't select which forum it was to go in!!!!
At that age they will be fine without heat. Congrats, they should start to lay within a few months. I second Erica in leaving them in their coop/run for a week or even two. You can let them out into their run, but may have to 'encourage' them to go into their coop at night in the beginning. If you keep them in the coop (even only for a few days), they will be more likely to go in at dusk without a lot of intervention on your part. Keep food and water available and give treats sparingly. By keeping them in the coop/run for a couple of weeks, they will be more likely to go back on their own when you do decide to free range.

nothing like a few chickens for entainment and breakfast eggs!
Thanks for your advise. We think they are great already. We have spent ages just sat in the garden watching them in their run, you can see their characteristics already.

There has been a bit of pecking each other going on but I understand that's normal !!!!!

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