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Jun 16, 2009
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We often get brown, runny poop with some of our chickens. They seem to eat okay and act okay. What is something we can either give them or do to keep this to a minimum. Basically, what is this. I have seen it with other chickens and thought maybe it was normal. Is it?
A few runny brown poops is normal. Those are usually what we call "cecal droppings", the occasional emptying of the cecal pouch near the rear of the intestinal tract. I call those bad-chocolate-pudding-poops. If you see more than half of those type of droppings, then there might be cause for concern.

In any case where you see unusual droppings, it is best to boost the bird's own immune system by providing them living bacteria. Their systems are able to digest and absorb food via two things: grit in the gizzard, and bacteria that dissolve what the gizzard didn't break down enough. Without a healthy load of bacteria, the entire digestive tract slows down and is more susceptible to *bad* bacteria as well as other pathogens like cocci.

So weird poops, give probiotics.

Common choices are plain yogurt (1 teaspoon per adult bird weekly, daily during medication with something other than cycline and mycin drugs, 1 teaspoon per six chicks weekly), acidophilus tablets or capsules (crushed onto the food or into a quickly eaten treat), or a livestock probiotic from the feedstore. Livestock probiotics must say "CFU" somewhere on the label, denoting that they contain live culture forming units of bacteria. They can also contain byproducts of fermentation, but must still contain live bacteria as well. Probios powder and paste are my favorites. Fastrack is another good one. The horse and cattle aisles have many choices.

Otherwise, to further answer your question, we'd need more info. If you can see the post second to the top in the forums, it has a list of questions that help us get a better picture of your flock's conditions so that we an more accurately answer your concerns.
The poop I am referring to looks like the ceacal poop. How long does this last when they do it? I had noticed I see it some but not always. My husband was really concerned with it. Those pictures are great! It helps those of us starting out with chickens. My daughter thought it was gross, though. LOL. I really appreciate the quick response. Thanks so much!!!

Tonya Plummer
I have hens that have light tan frothy poo and the next time it is fine not sure the problem and not sure what the cure I first thought that the change in food was doing it.

I may have to put garlic in the water and see if I can clean them out.
Frothy usually = worms. You might start your own post on that so people can address it, Hillbilly.

TPlummer, they do it every few poops - a few times a day, and do it always as the cecum needs emptying. So they're normal occassionally every day.
Mine are 11 weeks old and still do it, I don't think it ever stops. It still stinks too! It is the one poop that really attracts the flies too....
You are correct. It does stink. We have our chickens in the chicken tractors, so we are able to move them around to fresh ground and grass. That helps with the smell and flies. It also helps with the grass. It is so green and healthy where they were. Thanks so much for all thel help.

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