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Aug 4, 2010
Seattle, WA
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My Coop
I would like to start a Black Solider Fly (BSF) compost bin. I have done enough research and reading that I think I've got what I need and will be building it soon.

What I am looking for is information about BSF composting from experience. Tricks, tips, suggestions, things to avoid, etc.

I really want to make a compost bin that not only makes great garden soil but feeds my Birds!

Question: I want to make a compost bin just for my quail/chicken/dog droppings.. and another for my kitchen/food waste... Can I feed the animal waste grubs to my birds? or if not what should I do with them?

Question: Where is the best place I can buy some BSF eggs to get my bins started?

Please add any information you have about BSF composting as I am sure many will read this thread.
Thank you
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