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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Gvnam, Jan 24, 2012.

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    Sep 16, 2011
    My 17 week old Black Sex Links still are not mixed in with my Production Reds. We actually built them a separate run with a very tiny coop in my garden. With spring coming we are going to need to start planting and that means the Black Sex links NEED to move in with my big girls. The PR's don't seem to want anything to do with them. Especially my rooster. Any suggestions on how to get them together?
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    I've had both strains, but still, it is very hard to make sweeping, general statements about their attitudes. But, my experience matches pretty much what you're experiencing. The Reds can be tough as nails while the BSLs can be very laid back. This is too general, but.....

    I'd shake things up. The trouble is that you don't likely have enough pens to pull off what I'd do. Still, you might extrapolate some ideas from what I suggest. Here it is. I'd divide the Red flock into two. Integrate the BSLs into half the Red flock. The sheer numbers of BSLs would cause them some security, perhaps. The Reds pecking order and flock size would be thrown into disarray. After a week, I'm guessing things would be ho hum. Then, I would put the flock all together. It would still be a sorting out process and sometimes, in my experience, the Reds as just plain mean.

    Still, shaking up the dominant group allows the lower group a less powerful force to contend with.

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