Bucs-Bator goes into Lockdown....

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9 Years
Dec 13, 2010
Seffner, Florida
Well, here goes. I am really nervous; which I am having trouble wrapping my head around my nervousness. I spent a career in military law enforcement - doing what we do in the military. Why has this project turned me into a bundle of nerves????

Either way, my first batch of eggs in my first home made incubator. Wish the eggs - hopefully soon to be chicks - luck!

History of this setting:

Purchased 10 Black Australorp egg from a seller on Ebay.
Seller sent 12.
2 cracked during shippment.
10 were set.
2 were pulled around day 7 - no signs of any developement when cracked open.
3 were pulled around day 10 - spots were visible but they were not consistent with other eggs.
5 going into lock down today. All candled well.

Temp has remained steady at 100.4F for the first 18 days and humidity ranged from 30 to 40%.
Right now the Bator has not steadied yet (eggs just put back in before I sat to write this) but the humidity is on the rise.

Just peeked the temp: 99.1 and H: 66% - I think we are off to a good start for lock down.

Have I rambled enough?
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