buff, barred and bantam?

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    Nov 17, 2010
    What is buff and barred. I keep seeing those terms used.

    Bantam is a small chicken, right? Is that a separate breed of a breed or can you have say half bantams and half normal size chicks come out of the same flock?
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    Buff - A solid golden color, no black or white or other in it whatsoever. It is often found in Orpingtons (hence the common term Buff Orpington) but can also be found on Leghorns, Ameraucanas, Cornish, Silkies, Cochins, etc.

    Barred - A barring of two colors, one dark and one light, that goes throughout the whole body of a chicken, making it appear checkered or striped. Often people associate this coloring with Barred Rocks, but barring is found on a LOT of different breeds, and even in different colors. A buff chicken can be barred, too. (solid light and dark gold, no other colors)

    Bantam is the term for a "small" or "dwarf" chicken. It isn't a breed, and you cannot breed them with "standard" size chickens unless you just want mutts. But, for example, you can have bantam Cochins and standard (or as well cal it, Large Fowl) Cochins. [​IMG]

    If you breed a bantam to a normal sized chicken, it's basically a mutt. They come out a midsized chicken, but if you want to show it or something, it cannot be done. Has to be bantam or LF (standard)
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    Bantams are a smaller version of a large fowl breed. For example, I have both large fowl and bantam Ameraucanas in black and lavender. But no, if they are bred to the standard of perfection, you will not get bantams and large fowl birds out of the same breedings.

    One size can be "made" from the other, if you take all the smallest birds from a large fowl, and keep breeding only the smallest birds each generation, eventually you can get bantams with regularity, though it would take quite a while. Same is true if you use larger bantams to make large fowl.

    Barred is a color pattern, like a barred Plymouth Rock - black and white "barred" pattern on a Plymouth Rock bird. Buff is a "buff" color - Buff Orpington.

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    Nov 17, 2010
    Thanks alot for the schooling.
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    barred : [​IMG]
    bantam [​IMG]
    buff (not my bird) [​IMG]

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    Quote:And just FYI the color of the bantams he posted is called Silver Penciled, They are Silver Peciled Rocks.

    Most breeds, like the Rocks, Orps, Cochins, RIRs, Wyandottes, ect....... have bantam and Largefowl versions. But there are some breeds like dAnvers, dUccles, Seabrights, Dutch, Nakins, ect... which only occurr in bantams and these are called True Bantams becuase they have no largefowl counterpart.

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