Buff Orpington Behavior Questions

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On Monday the 30th of May I am going to pick out a year old Buff Orpington rooster for my girlies! I am getting him for five dollars
and the owner is a breeder that I personally know. Can't wait! What are some good things to look for in a Buff Orpington rooster? He'll be living in the coop with five BO girls that are only about four months at the moment, my Red Sex Link hen that's coming up on about a year and a month old, and my Red Cochin rooster that is about 23months old. Anything I should know about? How well do Buff Orpington roosters get along with other roosters? What should I expect, a kind, docile rooster, or a peice of work? I will be using him mainly for breeding, so is there something else I should look for?
You may want to divide your run as the roos are territorial and may want to establish pecking order or alpha order.

Even the nicest roos can still be roos and it is normal behavior to protect their girls from other roos.

I don't put two different breeds of roosters in a pen with that few a hens. It would be trouble around here!! They will fight over mating in my opinion.
I have to keep my BO roo away from my other roo. My boy is a year and a half old and the word "docile" would never be used to describe him. We have reached a point where he is no longer "demonic" but he is definately not a lap chicken.
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