Buff Orpington Hatching Eggs Fall Preorders - College Tuition is Due!

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    Our college tuition is due and we need help! Our tuition has increased for the Fall semester for both of us, plus we need hundreds of dollars of books for our classes. In order to help pay for our classes and books, we are offering our Buff Orpington hatching eggs for pre-order.

    PLEASE DO NOT USE THE BUY IT NOW OPTION - PM me to place your order. I can do egg orders from 3+ to 24+ at the following prices with Priority Shipping included:

    3+ eggs = $5 plus actual shipping (You'll get 4 eggs)
    6+ eggs = $15.00 (You'll get 8 eggs)
    12+ eggs = $25.00 (You'll get 15 eggs)
    24+ eggs = $40.00 (You'll get 30 eggs)

    I have an order available as soon as the week of August 16th until the end of the year. You pick the week you would like your eggs shipped. I will keep track of the orders via spreadsheet and notify you of when your order will be shipping.

    PAYMENT: We accept all forms of Paypal payment and USPS Money Orders. If you would like your phone number placed on the box for post office pickup, please include it when you send payment. Our paypal address is [email protected]. In the message box, mention what you are paying for and include your BYC member ID.

    TERMS: This auction is a final sale. Please understand that hatching eggs involves some risks and chance, so please refrain from purchasing eggs for hatching if you are not willing to accept the risks. We package the eggs to be best of our ability, but breakages can occur in cases of mishandling by the postal service. However, we do have a guarantee (see below).

    SHIPPING: I will ship your eggs via USPS Priority Mail with DC or Express Mail by request (for an additional charge). Please let me know if you would like shipping insurance for an additional $1.75. Please note that insurance does not cover broken eggs, but will cover a lost package.

    OUR GUARANTEE: Yes, we offer a guarantee on our eggs! If, for whatever reason, half of the eggs are broken when you get them, we will replace the eggs for the shipping cost. If at least half of the eggs are broken during shipping, you must get a postal worker to sign a letter stating so. This guarantee does not include eggs that are lost, stolen, or returned to me. This guarantee does not mean that you will have a hatch (see Terms section for explanation).

    Thank you for looking at our auction! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask!

    Green Family Farms
    Bladenboro, NC 28320
    North Carolina Licensed Hatching Egg & Poultry Dealer
    American Poultry Association Member

    See more feedback on our EBAY PAGE.

    All photographs and other content included in this auction is property of Green Family Farms. No part may be used without permission. Copyright 2010.
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  2. corancher

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    Apr 18, 2007
    My little Buffs that I hatched from your eggs are all doing nicely. I will look at my calendar and order some more for fall shipping.
  3. greenfamilyfarms

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    Feb 27, 2008
    Elizabethtown, NC
    Quote:That's great news! I have a hen with 5 chicks now and they are so pretty out in the yard today. Let me know if you would like another set. [​IMG]
  4. mylittlezoo

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    Mar 16, 2009
    My Buffs I got from you are amazing, thank you so much, anyone would be proud to have these birds in their yard. [​IMG]

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