Buff Orpington, Round Two - Are We Boys or Girls? How Old Are We?


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Feb 24, 2009
Alconbury, England
So, I posted about these chickens before, and found out that they are probably cockerels. I am updating with new photos. I think the first and the last are about 12 weeks old, and the middle one about ten. Does that look about right?

I know for sure that #3 is a cockerel (buff-lav mix, and very beautiful). Fairly sure about #2. Number 1, not so much.

Help! We go on holiday next week, and if they are cockerels, they will be sent off to freezer camp this weekend.

Here is #1 - head and saddle feathers.



Here is #2, also head and saddle feathers.



And #3.



Thank you!

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I still stand by what I said last time. They are all cockerels. Their combs and wattles at this age definitely give that away. I have some 18 wk. old buff pullets in the grow out pen right now and they don't have as much comb and wattles as yours do right now at 12 wks. old.
That is what I am afraid of, but I am confused at this point because of their saddle feathers. I think I need some educating. Pointy means cockerel and rounded means hen, right? The only one with pointy ones is the buff-lav.

Pardon my ignorance. I would rather not kill any that do not need to be killed, though.

I'd bet the farm they're all hens. Different ages too? Like in order, #3 oldest, #1, #2? I'm a firm believer that if the comb stretches beyond the eye (yours are all forward as are all our hens) towards the back of the skull, it's a roo. That's how I've seen Orps everywhere, and compared known roos to hens. We have six. This is all new to me though, I could stand to be corrected, and I'm sure I will be
That second buff looks like a girl to me. The first one is hard to tell.

ETA: the one with black on it has some feathers growing in that look roo-ish.......but it is hard to tell without a full body pic.
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I know they cannot all be hens - they fight with each other constantly. You know, fluff their feathers out, run at each other, stare each other down.
Silly birds.


#1 and #3 are the older ones. #2 is the younger one.

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