buff orpington wheezy - is this normal?

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  1. Haych

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    I have a buff orpington, roughly 2 years, I bought her at around 18months. weight not known. She seems extremely well, eats fine, still laying etc. But she is wheezing loads (has done since I had her) and her eyes seem swollen. She is generally happy, but when she does the "screaming cluck" its not as loud as the others and always sounds chesty.

    Her poop is normal, but she has always had a messy set of "trousers" (as I call them). She is fed on layers pellts, corn, scraps and fresh water. as well as any bugs she scratches for.

    All chickens are wormed regularly, and bed is cleaned out regularly, and once a month I use jeyes fluid to kill any parasites that may live in the home. I use sawdust and hay (not straw) but I did try using just hay and no straw, which made no difference.

    Is this normal symptoms for a buff? She is my only buff and none of my other orpingtons, pekins or mixed breeds show these "symptoms"

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Highlander

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    Oct 1, 2008
    no it's not really normal. If she is the only one displaying any symptoms then I wonder if it's environmental rather than disease. Perhaps she can't tolerate the hay or the shavings. Or maybe the Jeyes is too strong for her? Are you diluting it sufficiently? Sorry I can't be of more help.
  3. Haych

    Haych Out Of The Brooder

    she has done it since before I had her.

    I do dilute sufficiently, but I lock them out whilst I clean, and only let them back in when its dry.

    I have had her over 6 months and she has been like that all the time, and never deteriorated etc. so I am confused

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