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Rabbit Lady

May 16, 2015
Hello, I have three pullets all different breeds. One is an Amber White. One is a White Rock. The third one is a Buff Orpington. I have recently learned that Ruth, my buff Orpington will get really big. I am worried she will beat up the other two, Reba and Ruby. Also, I am worried she will be to big for my coop. Please help. These guys are my 4-H project and I was unaware of this when I got them.

drumstick diva

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Aug 26, 2009
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Buff orpingtons are generally docile birds it's unlikely she will fight the others. They aren't what most people would call really BIG. The coop should allow for 4-5 sq.feet inside per bird, NOT counting roosts and nest boxes. The out door run should allow for 10 sg.feet per bird. Tight quarters can cause chickens to bully, feather pluck and even worse.

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May 14, 2014
Welcome to BYC. Glad you decided join our flock. X2 on drumstick diva. I've had all of those breeds (technically Amber Whites are hybrids and not a breed) and the Orpingtons are generally the calmest and most gentle of the three. Our Buff Orpingtons have often been the bottom of the pecking order and my children and granddaughter (pictured in my avatar) have easily made lap pets of them. Size wise Orpingtons are only marginally bigger than White Rocks (about 1 lb. difference although they look bigger with all that fluff), and based on my experience, your White Rock, even though normally a docile breed, will likely be the dominant hen in your flock. Of course there are always exceptions to any rule. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have. We are here to help in any way we can. Good luck with your flock.


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Dec 12, 2013
Hi @Rabbit Lady , welcome to BYC!

Size alone does not make one the dominant bird in a flock, I think it's more a matter of temperament. We have a mixed flock of 15 and while our RIR isn't the largest bird, she is definitely #1. She made sure all the other girls knew it too, lol.

Enjoy your birds, you have some lovely breeds.


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Jan 10, 2013
Welcome and congrats on your new flock.

I'm one of the culprits that tells folks the BO's get really big…but this is my first flock and both the Buffs and Barred Rocks surprised me in their adult size. I recently lost my largest Buff, and she was largest gal in the flock and 2nd in the pecking order, but not a mean or aggressive hen - just a treat hog. The smallest BR is the #1 gal, and rules quietly with just a stare to show who's boss lady. Interesting dynamics but #1 gal and lowest in the pecking order are best friends - they sit together, sand bath together.

IMO with enough space and proper flock management, most breeds will live in harmony.

Good luck with your new adventure.

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