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    Feb 21, 2013
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    Very nice Buff Silkie Frizzle Mix. I hatched this little guy last April. He is very cute and fertile. He loves to spread his seed and has no fear of hopping on a Rhode Island Red or Leghorn. I have chosen to go a different direction with my birds and when I bought his mom I was told she was exposed to a silkie roo. None of her chicks have looked like silkies and I have my doubt that she is a purebred.

    My main problem is that I have had bad luck and gotten a ton of Roos lately!!! He is smaller than the other birds I have and sometimes he gets beat up by the RI Red Girls. I also have Appenzeller Spitzhauns that I got 2 Roos out of the last batch I want to keep. Willing to trade for some quail, guineas, or chick/hatching eggs. I really need more egg layers....We can negotiate a price or trade. I have never shipped a bird before but I can try.

    We are in S. Central Tx near San Antonio...

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