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Celtic Hill

9 Years
Mar 7, 2010
Scotland CT
So there has been a lot of talk about Buff Silkies on the silkie thread, so I decided to make a topic just for us who are breeding buff silkies to talk about our trials and tribulations. I think it would be great for new breeders as well as more experienced breeders to share their experiences!

Oh I'm glad you started this thread I have my first gold chick she looks perfect apart from her comb which is the wrong shape, is this down to genetics? I take it this one would be no good for breeding?
My camera is a bit rubbish and made her wings look miles darker than they are. Her comb is straight. The parents were definitely pure breeds I watched him get the eggs out and I've hatched some gorgeous chicks from his birds before this is the first time he has bred the buff. The parents were from show stock it's just the comb thats concerning me I don't mind if the colour is slightly off
Oh I see what you mean about the comb color being whiteish/yellow. Looking again I see that the wings are a dark buff and black. The chick is still so young I never guess on a chicks quality till around 6m-1year.

ETA: It's feet also do not look black...They seem very light skinned.
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