Buiding a coop:Dos & Don'ts-advice please!


8 Years
May 16, 2011
Our coop will eventually be for at least 7 layers & 1 Rooster. I have the advised proportions of the nesting boxes, and some key components like protection from predators, good ventilation and easy cleaning etc. But: what do YOU love about your coop & what would you like to change? I really want easy cleaning- any tips of how best to do that?
Also, we live in the Hudson Valley, NY a REALLY wet, dank & moldy prone place. Any advice on how to kepp humidity down or just avoid mold buildup besides cleaning often?
Thanks for your thoughts! And pictures would be great!

You should post this in the "Coop & Run" section of the forum.

Personally I keep an eye on the poo fairly regularly. I have six girls in a 4'x6' coop with a 14'x6' run. I use pine shavings. Like I said, most days I will pick up the worst of it and then once a month to six weeks I will change the shavings.

If you notice, my coop has ventilation windows on both sides as well a s head space between the top/front of the coop and the roof which angles back. I have a large access door on the left side of the front and their access door is on the front right. Also, my nesting box is off the back and I have the cover for that set up so I can open it and leave it open if I so desire. Basically I have it set up for as much/little ventilation as I feel they need. Come winter I will have hinged panels that will drop down and cover the side windows if it is super cold. In these pics the run is not quite finished by everything is there for all intents and purposes.



I AM reposting this in the coop construction section as suggested- I didn't realize I was still in baby chicks. But,

epeloquin: Thank you for the info and pictures! We'll also have to make seasonal changes to keep in warmth or increase circulation so that was very helpful!

Fritata: Thanks for that tip! . Inside the coop itself it's all hardware cloth. But, the run was goign to be a reinforced deer fencing with coated chicken wire up to three feet high for protection from predators.
Do you think the babies will be small enough to get stuck by the time we integrate them late this summer. They'll be at least 12 weeks old by then...

Here's another question: what's better for a run? Building fencing into the ground for predators or installing a fencing floor?

I don't have baby chicks. My girls have been out in their run for over a week with no issues at all. They are quite large (5 weeks old). As for coons, my coop is in a very suburban area. It is only on 1/8 acre. This is the home where I grew up and in my whole life we've never seen coons. Plus, my girls are in their coop at night. I inspect every morning for any sign of predators just in case. If necessary I will reinforce with hardware cloth but for now the chicken wire is working just fine.
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