build your own duck army 20+ duck eggs


10 Years
Aug 11, 2009
Bloomsdale, MO
you too can have your own army of ducks !!!

mine just keep laying eggs we have more than we can sell, give away or fling at passing cars. you will receive both bluish and white ( avg 3 oz) eggs. lots of them LOTS !!!! my last shipment had 36.

We have khaki campbells ( including Phineas grand champion water fowl at Ste. gen fair) East Indies ( one was RB at ill mo apa show) . mallards, and CRESTED ducks ( they can be the generals in the duck army !!!!!) cause they have hats.

Fertility is very high. however, I am not responsible for the PO handling of the box. I wrap them individually in bubble wrap and pack them point down, with tons of padding.

Paypal only please

these ship out Friday morning. I can fit up to 48 eggs in a box.
the babies will be mixed.
here is a pic from this winter

these ducky girls laid an egg every day all winter long

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