Building a cabinet incubator questions


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Jan 4, 2012
Sheboygan, WI
Hello all,

I am planning out the build for a cabinet incubator based on other posts I have read and info I have found on the net. I do have one question, where do you place the thermostat? My plan is to have the water pan and heat element on the top shelf, fan drawing air off the top shelf sending it down a false back and circulating back up in the cabinet. Do I put the thermostat in the top by the heating assembly, in the false back in the air flow, or some were in the cabinet where the eggs are located. I am leaning towards in the cabinet just under the top shelf so I would be measuring the return air before it would make its way back up to the heating/ water chamber, but I can also make an arguement to put it in the air steam in the false back. Looking for someone with experience building one or someone with a commercial cabinet.

Thanks all,

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