Building a coop -So many ideas but which to use?!

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    Jan 15, 2009
    We've been given some pallets off freecycle which we've semi dismantled but i'm not sure if I can make a coop using them? I've not done any woodwork since leaving school!!! We've also got a sapele door.....

    We live in the UK, so the weather isn't as severe as some of the weather in colder climates....I'm hoping to have it on our patio along with a run, and then they can free range when we're about....

    Anyhows.....I'm looking for inspiration on how to make a coop for 6-8 hens (ex-batts) using as many recycled materials as possible.....we don't have many tools yet either [​IMG] something easy to clean would be fantastic as we have children who'd like to participate in looking after the hens....
    Please give me some inspiration and ideas....

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    And welcome to the wonderful world of chickeneering!

    There are so very many many ways to build a coop, and pages & pages of pictures on this site to give you ideas. The good thing about building with recycled materials is that if you make mistakes or change your mind later, you haven't lost a lot of money.

    The easiest coop to clean is a bottomless one that you can move to a new spot when the ground gets bare & poopy in its present place. It doesn't have to be moved far, just to the grass next to where it already is.

    If it must be in a permanant location, make it tall &/or wide enough for people to get in & rake out. If you use mulch for a floor you may not have to rake it out more than 4-6 times a year, just keep adding new mulch periodically & it all composts down nicely.

    If the nest boxes are to be in the coop, you might want to make a hatch to reach the eggs without having to go into the coop for collection.

    Look around your neighborhood and see what other chicken keepers have made for their flocks. I wish you the greatest success with your efforts! Many of us here were also inexperienced in construction and had few good tools when we first began. Keep us posted as to your progress!
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    Jan 15, 2009
    Reading the above post - I forgot to add....we live in an urban area, although woods are just across the road....and as far as I know there are no other hen keepers in our road/local area [​IMG]
    We do have friends who have some, but they are in the countryside, so slightly different.

    My only concern with an open bottomed one is that rodents/foxes may get in easier....I know we do have foxes nearby in the forest...but we have 5' and 6' fencing around our garden.
    Will check out the links in a bit...thanks!

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    Welcome to the funny farm! [​IMG]

    You'll find quite a lot of useful information here!
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    Quote:My advice.....make it bigger than you think you need. You will want more:)

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