building a lightweight 4x7 chicken run


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Apr 30, 2012
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My current chicken flock is about 18 full size chickens, 3 roosters, 5 bantams, 1 duck, 3 turkeys. I bought 12 bantams 2 month ago and had them in a brooder inside the shed. Last week i decided it was time for them to meet the flock. After browsing the coops section I came up with a "meet and greet" outside pen. it is 7'x4'x2', for the moment the metal roof is just laying on top. This gives me time to decide how I want to create the top access to the run. The flock can see the babies but not touch. I will keep the babies in there for about another month and than move them into the chicken house.

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I went with a hinged frame on top, for easy access. We used 1/2" hardware cloth on it and added a piece of corrugated poly roofing over that. It has a hasp latch and you can use whatever you want to secure it. I thought that style of latch would have a little more play in it, in case moving it around daily caused some flexing.

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