Building a Serama coop?


7 Years
I have one lonely Serama roo, Tweet, and I'm afraid he may get trampled by the Maran roo and the Mallards. So I'm thinking about making a small coop for him. I'm thinking maybe just a simple house with a door, leading into a run? I'm looking for any tips on building a small coop, anything at all, I've built many chicken feeders and such, but never a coop.
Any advice?
Aww get him a
So he can have some company
and help staying warm in winter! Seramas need some heat, I think in winter.

Check out the small coops section of BYC...there are lots of coops there!
I hope this helps!
Thanks! I looked last light, and found one that seemed easy enough, even I could do it! xD

Me- Mom, so I wanna build Tweet his own coop, to keep him from getting trampled by the ducks and rooster. I think he also needs 2, maybe 3 girls with him. Haha.
Mom-Wait, woah, more chickens? Where are you gonna keep 4 Seramas?
Me-I just said I was gonna build him a coop. Hah
Mom-You're gonna build a coop?
Me- Yup!
Mom-Okay, tell you what. If I get you the supplies, and if you can successfully build a coop for Tweet, you can get him a few girls.

So I hope all goes well!
Congratulations on the green light!

You can do it!

Hint: Home Depot sells small pre-cut plywood sheets called "project panels" and also will give you 5 free cuts on your wood you are buying- just know your measurements. This is especially helpful for plywood.
for the meantime why not a rabbit pen those do well or while building get a chicken diaper they are cheap and he could walk around the house without the fear of pooping all over the place plus i sent you a pm reply asap and also see the cost of building a coop and buying one always do this. Wish you the best!
I do have rabbits, so I have a pen, and I suppose I'll get a few chicken diapers (Hahaha, the sound of that just makes me laugh, I've never seen diapers for a chicken. Hah), so Tweety may have fun in the rabbit pet without soiling the ground, harming the bunnies. It would be so cool having Tweet walking around the house! But I'd have to keep him confined to one, maybe two rooms, and I have a very energetic puppy who may accidentally injure him.

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