Building a Simple Fenced-in Area for My hens

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    Sep 19, 2011
    Hello All!

    I have a coop and a small run, but I want to build a simple fenced area where i can keep my hens so they don't get into the gardens or poop on the patio furniture!! Can anyone give me some ideas?

    My yard is completely enclosed, so I was thinking about just attaching a board to one wall, dig holes and put posts in every few feet, and then staple hard-ware mesh to the boards so nothing will get in the holes.

    The hens will only be in this fenced in area when i am home, so I don't think it needs to be covered. Any ideas/thoughts would be appreciated!!!

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    Chicken wire works great to keep chickens in and is relatively inexpensive. Most any predator can get through it, but if you'll be supervising, that may not matter. Posts every 6' or 8' should be enough as it is not heavy. Surdier fence will need them closer together. I'd recommend the 6' chicken wire unless yours stay a lot closer to the ground than mine do. Actually, mine will get over 6' fence if they really want to. You can use treated 2x4's for fence posts, again to save money, if you wish, though they won't last forever.
  3. Sounds like it oughta work to me. My flock run shares one side with my so-called garden and all i have separating them is a 3' tall wire fence. The cluckers have never offered to go over it.

    I'm sure others will disagree but...
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