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    Apr 6, 2008
    Hey everyone. Ok, so I'm thinking of getting only two chickens. I have checked out the coop designs on this website. I was thinking that Kim's chicken tractor looked nice, but if I only wanted two chickens, can I cut the size down? Since the rule of thumb is 4 sq ft. per chicken, what would you guys recommend be the dimensions?
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    I like this one for a small coop...

    The entire thing is 4' wide x 6' long the house itself is 4' wide x about 2' deep. Plenty of room for 2 chickens, they will share the one nest box and it is completely enclosed with a run and they are safe. You can walk into it also. Neat design because inside the entire front of the house part comes off for cleaning.

    It is in the small coop pages of the coop design section of BYC. The guy sells the plans too.
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    Before you commit to a tiny coop or tractor, doodle out where the food, water, roosts and door will go. (Including in wintertime, if you live somewhere the chickens may not always wanna go outdoors in winter, unless you plan on 'plasticizing' so to speak the run, and even then you will still prolly need the waterer indoors). If you want/need to have the feed and/or water indoors, they do take up more floor space than you might think, so you cannot always strictly scale things down by sq-ft-per-hen and still have room for furnishings and for the birds to move around. Sometimes you can, sometimes you can't; figure it out before you buy materials or cut 'em [​IMG]


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