Building a utility trailer for lawn mower.


8 Years
May 15, 2011
i am building a trailer and am wondering what type of hitch can i use that attaches to my lawn mower? also how can i distribute the weight from the back end so it does not tip backward while towing? i hope i asked my question clearly. I am not a carpenter and in the process of learning. i tried attaching a 2x6 with a drilled hole as a hitch onto the mower, but that didn't work.



7 Years
Jun 27, 2013
I would look at an oak 2x4 and run it down the center of the trailer. Drill a hole in the front end and put a 1/2 to 7/16 shaft diameter, not head size, run the bolt through it that is too long, then put a nut on it tight. The bolt will hang down, and it can be hooked onto the hole on the riding mower. Get a pin clip, and drill a hole through the bolt with a hand drill, and put the clip through the bolt to hold it the riding mower. Or you can put two nuts on the bolt and instead of tightening them down where the connection from the mower to the trailer was tight, tighten the two nuts against each other, they will lock against each other. Lots of different possibility's, it is nice to have options.

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