Building cabinet incubator.

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    I have started the construction of my incubator my wife says my motto should be go big or go home so keeping true to my fashion I have built my cabinet with inside measurements of 28"w x 45"hx 18"d I then built another box that is 36"w x48"h x 21"d. It pretty much makes a false wall around the sides and back. I'll block off an area to use for return air and foam insulate the rest of the voids to help hold the heat. I am going to use a ptc heating element because I like the fact that they have more safety built in than nichrome resistance coils and the surface temps of the element is lower than the combustion Temp of most materials. I plan on 6 shelves with an auto turning mechanism. The egg trays will be 24" x 12" to use plastic egg trays that could be double stacked allowing me to hatch large numbers of eggs if needed but hopefully energy efficient enough to do small batches also. Single stack capacity of chicken eggs should be around 576 and double stacked it should hold 1,152. I'll post pics as I go along with my build. I am looking for input on fan Cfm number of fans. I'm set on putting heat and main fan (fans) at the top. And one to return air at the bottom. I also want to get away from trays and sponges for humidity control and am looking into nublizer discs and humidifiers hooked up to a controller. Has anybody had experience with them? I knowing leaving something out. But look forward to comments and concerns as I go forward. I joined up after reading so many informative posts on this site by googling info. So keep up you good work all my crazy bird friends.
    Thanks Matt

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