Building Coops is addicting! I"m on number two!!


8 Years
Apr 27, 2011
We have become chicken addicts. We are planning on purchasing more chicks this spring. So what does that mean! Time to build a bigger coop!
Our first coop is a 4ft x 6ft moveable coop. We have currently 8 hens and 3 roosters (which are seperate from the ladies)
Below is our current coop. It is called "OMG these chicks are growing faster then we thought! We need something quick!" Coop.


We just picked up the supplies to start building the floor and walls to our new coop. It is going to be 8 x 12 with small Brooder Pen and Storage for feed inside.
We are going to start building this weekend!! I think I'm more excited then my boyfriend is hehe.
I'll post plans and pictures
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It is really nice for a small flock Especially with it being moveable. We designed it like a wheel barrel but does take two people to move it. If your interested I can put pictures of it being built?
Construction has begun. We Finished building the floor. It is 8' x16' and about 4-6ins of the ground to keep the critters out. This weekend we got the frame work done for all four sides and our neighbor was nice enough to help up hold them in place while we screwed them in. So as of right now we have all four wall frames up with the door attached.
Now we just have to pray the weather man is wrong becasue now they say the rain is going to come in Tues or Wed and we have no way of covering it or working on it till tomorrow morning.

I will post pictures of it later.
cool!!! it happens, when you have one coop.... you always need another one.!!!

we started off with one. connected another to it. and finally a third one. connected all three and opened it all up inside...

Here is a picture of what all we have done yet. Our girls are so curious and have tried to help us with the construction. Should come up with some lil chick hard hats.
YES...we had a barn and raised Call Ducks. My husband reworked it to house our Silkie Chickens. He said if I knew we were going to have Chickens...I would have built it different. We have decided to keep the Duck Barn and make it work. We have 18 hens and 3 roosters all Silkies. Have fun.
Looking forward to viewing your new build. Regards, Aria

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