Building first coop and have run into some problems...

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    Well this weekend me and my dad were going to start on our 1st chicken coop. however our plans have had to change due to cost restraints. so instead of 2 10x10 coops we are using an old raised pool deck that will be made into a 2 layer 8x8 coop. the problem is we will have about 40 chickens and i know this coop is alittle small if you go by the 4 square ft per bird rule but sine these chickens will only be locked in their coop maybe 4 days out of the year and have access to a very large run should this be a major concern?

    By the way when i say 2 layer i mean it is basically 2 seperate coops stacked onto of each otherr and each one is 8x8
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    Can u get into the lower one to easily clean it out? 40 birds is quite a lot for a first coop, hope u r ready.
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    May 22, 2010
    Try getting some pallets. I've gotten some 12 ft ones free at our local medical supply house. Great free wood I also got free windows and doors by checking apartment /trailer complexes and Craig's list. My coop is 10x10 and only bought nails and screws.
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    well no i cant technically walk into the lower coop but since it will have several doors i dont think it will be too hard to clean, i will just have to use different doors to clean different parts. and yes i kow 40 chickens is alot but we are getting them over a span of 2 months and my dad and brother have had chickens before so i have a little help with that.

    We have though about adding an additional smaller coop to the side, also since we are ordering half of them i suspect a few will not make it (poor chickies) so maybe it wont be that much of a problem. plus i live in GA so it rarely gets cold enough to where i would have to lock them in the coop...i mean i know its a problem i guess i just want peoples opinions

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