Building my first coop!!

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    So this is my first post here but I have been on the form for a wile and I just want to say the info here is amazing!! So with that being said I am starting construction on my first coop and I had a few things I still wasent shure on. I plan on getting 6 jersey giants and the coop I am building is going to be 8x6 with a 15x8 run, that would gives the chicks 8 sq feet inside and 20 sq feet out side per bird. Will this be large enuff for the chicks I want? I was orignaly gunna make it 8x8 but I feel like that is very large and I'm trying to keep it on the smaller side so not to up set any one or draw attention to my self.
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    That will be plenty large enough. That way you can add more if you choose to. I've had from 5 to 12 birds in the same size building.
    Plan your dimensions so you can make use of 4X8 sheets of siding/plywood etc.. So you may want to go a few inches under 8 foot.
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    You can check out the link in my signature for my thoughts on space, but what you describe should be plenty big enough. I’d be extremely comfortable with that.

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