Building our chicken run

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    Nov 22, 2015
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    We're building our new flock their new chicken run. Dad and I worked on it for four hours yesterday. We installed all of the horizontal boards, bottom, top and will finish the middle boards today. All of the wood is repurposed wood. Scraps from around the farm and donations from a neighbor's old deck. It adds a considerable amount of time piecing random sized wood, removing old nails, and working on the fly but I do feel it's worth it to upcycle. All this wood would end up burned or left out to rot. Happy with the results so far. A portion of the shed was modified into the chicken coop. The chickens temporary run is in the middle of the soon to be permanent run. I'll post pics of coop and run when we finish the run. Already adding new modifications to the coop. A poop shelf, new roosting boards with nesting boxes underneath. All of those ideas I've gotten from users here on BYC. Thank you!! Love BYC!!

    Also, we'll add a roof before hot summer weather. For now, I have on order bird/aviary netting. The chicks will be put up on night in the coop, so the nighttime predators are not a huge concern. We have to protect them from hawks during the day. Need to add the hardware cloth, door, and skirting around the perimeter for digging neighborhood dogs. Excited to get this done. It's "rustic" but my chicks will feel like they're in the four seasons when their run is done.
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    Aug 1, 2014
    Looks great! Good luck with that. We have quite a large run so I just used some netting I got from some online store. [​IMG]
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    Looks really great im sure the flock is gonna love their new home

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