Building run/coop with hawks and eagles in mind


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Feb 20, 2008
Norwich, Norfolk, UK
I'll be moving into a new place soon. Not only do I have permission to have all of my critters, the landowner wants us to raise guinea fowl too!

The problem is that they are beside of not only a state park, but a river with a high hawk and bald eagle population.

I want to free range, but I'm afraid to unless I'm home and can be with the little ones. Unfortunately, that's only two days per week on average.

I have 63 chicks (15 bantams and 48 standards), as well as two ducklings. Most of the males will be sold or eaten, but that will still leave me with 30-40 hens to house.

Any suggestions on what to build to let my chickens have the maximum range but not be in as much danger from the hawks and eagles?

Emily in NC
30 to 40 hens need a big house (or 8 arks)

You'll need a permanent fence with a roof and a door you can open when you are home. that's what I've always done. If there's eagles, then that's a chunk of wilderness that's home to a lot of other critters. It won't take long for word to get out that your place is good for a chicken dinner.

Make sure your fence goes 8 inches below ground; or if you use portables have 1X1 cage wire that you fold up and down on all 4 sides. It should extend 1 foot out from the side of yard (got the idea from eglu, the expensive British portable yard you can buy from Mcmurray's).

I suggest: build a fortress and let the drawbridge down when you are home.
State park, wow u will have trouble! every type predator will be there. The guineas will help alot they will warn the others. Do a google search "pvc chicken coop" Here is one that I am going to build later, it will take a 4-wheeler or a riding lawnmower to move it,
Oh are gonna have predators around like I do. I have Hawks, Fox, Racoons, Eagles, Coyotes and mountain lions. You are going to need a protected cover area and a very secure coop.

Something like this one ....remember to bury the wire of the run down into the ground about 1 foot to stop digging critters.

Valerie's Coop

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Wow, Valeries coop looks great! My chicks, 10 of them, are comming in May16th! I am going to show my hubby this one! We live in a high predator area by state gamelands! I had a mountain lion run through my backyard three months ago:(.
Wr have lots of hawks, falcons and eagles migrating now and they are voracious. You'll probably see them all year! Another solution is to obtain a used net ( gill net, baseball field net), mend it and stretch it at an angle over your chicken-grazing area, BUT I suspect if you harm a raptor through anything you do, you're liable. I'd go for a roofed run. We're doing that- no choice!
Has anyone tried the predator protector (not sure if right name.). Basically a unit that blinks a red light that simulates the eyes of other predators. I hear it is suppose to keep most day and nighttime ones away.

I use a radio that plays most of the time, with sometimes being shut off a couple hours when I am around out there.

Another is just a plain red light bulb outside the building at night.

Don't know if they are the only reason but since using have not had nay issues.
Skip and I built a cattle panel hoop run and love it!!! We have coon, opposum, skunk, fox, coyote, stray dogs and several different types of hawk here. It's been in use for 11 months and we've not had any losses to predators.




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